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Upgraded Website

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Hey CTC fans

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013 (Mayans what happened?)

I bet you are thinking “what happened to all that amazing stuff Cut The Cap used to write about?”

Well we haven’t retired but we have upgraded our website and can now be found at
When you have time check us out. We still have all the great stuff you love to read from cigars to film and music to gaming but we’ve even taken more steps to give you what you want to read.

Don’t forget to check us out at and like us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Search: Cutthecap

Many thanks all

The CTC family


The Pop Up Embassy of Havana Club

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When planning a holiday I hate having to line up outside the embassy to get the necessary visa’s. However there’s a new embassy in town which I cannot wait to visit.

Havana Club International is creating a pop-up “Mojito Embassy” that will tour selected markets, around Europe giving people the chance to learn how to make an “authentic Cuban mojito”. (I can think of a few bars that should send their barmen)

The bar will pop up in secret unconventional locations in each of the countries it tours, and will be designed to recreate the look and feel of Havana..Minus the weather (they aren’t miracle workers)

Visitors will be able to pick fresh ingredients required for the drink from stalls in the centre of the venue, before learning how to make the cocktail under the guidance of a team of bartenders.

Entry to the bar is free, but you will be charged for the drinks made and drunk. It’s only fair.

To ensure responsible drinking (everyone looks at me) consumers will be limited to three drinks each.

The Havana Club Embassy kicked off in Milan, earlier this month and will be travelling across Europe stopping in the UK, Portugal, Belgium and France.

There are also plans for the Embassy to stop in selected cities in South America and other international locations that are yet to be confirmed.

So looks like some good quality mojitos are on their way. Sign me up for citizenship..Cigars at the ready!

7 Days in Havana – Trailer

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If you are a keen reader of Cut The Cap, you’ll know that apart from Cigars there are 2 things we love, and that’s Rum & Films.

So what happens when a rum company (Havana Club) teams up with some of the greatest actors and filmmakers?

7 days in Havana happens that’s what! And today we have the trailer featuring footage from the film which is rumoured to be hitting UK cinemas in August.

The film is set during a week in the Cuban capital Havana (AKA Heaven for us) and is directed by seven international filmmakers, who directed a different segment to reflect each day.
Directors include Benicio Del Toro, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, Elia Suleiman, Gaspar Noe, Juan Carlos Tabio, nad Laurent Cantet.
With acting credits going to Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds), Emir Kusturica, and Melissa Rivera (Burlesque).

We at Cut the Cap are very excited to see this film and hope they will do a special screening somewhere where we can smoke cigars at the same time (we can dream)

Check out more info at

Check out the trailer here:

And here are some posters for the film that are doing the rounds:
Havana Club

Partagas Store helps Cuban Economy

Posted in Cigars with tags , , , on January 11, 2012 by Eray

The Havana-based Casa de Habanos Partagas store, regarded as one of the most prestigious Cuban cigar shops in the world, had more than 2.3 million dollars in revenues in 2011.

The facility’s director Abel Exposito Diaz told the press the increase in sales by more than $300,000, compared to 2010, is the result of the joint efforts and devotedness of the store’s staff.

Fellow writer Luke was there in November to pick up some cigars for everyone so we are glad to say we contributed to their success. From Luke’s feedback we can agree the service in there is outstanding.

Exposito Diaz explained that the revenue is a modest contribution to the revitalization of the Cuban economy at times when the country is striving to stimulate hard currency income and break the economic blockade imposed by the U.S. for more than five decades now.

Through selling the worldwide known Cuban cigars and with the celebration twice a year of the Friends of Partagas international meeting, the Casa de Habanos Partagas has had more than 47 million dollars in income since it was founded in 1991. That is a lot of D4’s!

Since the first Friends of Partagas reunion down to the present, the facility has donated more than $328,000 to the Cuban Ministry of Health, most of which has been allocated for cancer research programs.

Situated in Old Havana, in the back of the National Capitol, the store has been visited by personalities of the worlds of culture, politics and business, among them: Fidel Castro, who visited the House in 2002 accompanied by U.S. film director Steven Spielberg; Jack Nicholson, Gerard Depardieu, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas and Whoopi Goldberg, Eray from CTC, Luke from CTC (we had to add our names in)

The store is also part of the Partagas factory offering tours throughout the day, where you get to see how the cigars are made.

Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 Review

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Last night was an excellent opportunity to try out the Cohiba Genios Maduro 5. Me and Eray Galip (founder of Cut The Cap) took a trip to the recently opened Soho Whiskey Club to check out this new Whiskey bar and cigar terrace. The review of the venue is soon to follow so stay tuned.

The Cohiba Maduro 5 line use the leaves from the top of the tobacco plant, giving them a full 5 years fermentation and also a lovely silky rich dark wrapper which just begs to be smoked (and also leaves you begging to smoke it).
Continue reading

Montecristo No.2 Gran Reserva 2005

Posted in Cigars with tags , , , , on December 20, 2011 by Eray

The festive day is almost hear, and while we rush around to get our Christmas shopping done today we find out that its not just Santa that’s making an appearance this year.

Habanos have decided to release the new Montecristo No.2 Gran Reserva 2005.

An exclusive product the company has only churned out 5,000 numbered boxes of 15 units apiece.
The first Gran Reserva de Montecristo has seen the light of day with one of the most emblematic vitolas this brand –founded in 1935 and by far one of the most sought-after cigars in Habanos S.A.’s vast profolio- has ever had.

Excited? I know I am….

These bad boys been rolled with leaves that have endured a special aging process of at least five years.

All the leaves making up this unique Habano filler, binder and wrapper- were aged under the watchful and painstaking eye of Cuban planters. (not a bad job to have)

The control of the aging process were whipped into shape by the hands of seasoned Montecristo cigar rollers from the H. Upmann factory and is meant to please the most demanding smokers on the face of the earth.

We shall be a judge of that!

The Gran Reserva de Montecristohas a reduced output of barely 5,000 numbered boxes of 15 units a piece.

Here’s the specs:
Brand: Montecristo
Store Vitola: Montecristo No 2 Gran Reserva Cosecha 2005
Factory Vitola: Pirámides
Sizes: ring gauge 52 (20,64mm) x 156mm long
Presentation: 5,000 exclusive numbered boxes containing 15 units each

Not sure if we are going to get our hands on one of these this year but being a massive fan of Montecristo No.2, hopefully we can track one down in the New Year and will review them for you.

Find out more about the cigars here at Habanos’s offical website

Cigar delivery from Cuba

Posted in Cigars with tags , , , , , , on November 30, 2011 by Eray

Following on from recent reports of fellow writer Luke’s journey to Cuba to learn more about cigars, he has now returned…bearing gifts.

We now have a box of Bolivar Belicosos Fino’s as well as a box of Montecristo No.2s in the CTC office.

I can’t wait to break the seal and take that first sniff of cigar smell. Its like opening a box of Nike Air Force One’s and getting that first smell.

I’m going to try and film the opening for youtube……..if I can hold out!