Cut The Cap Joins Instagram

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That’s right, while trying to run a site, tweet, Facebook and work full time, we’ve decided to also start sharing pictures via Instagram.

Search for us: Cutthecap and look forward to interacting with you soon


The Godfather Monopoly

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I came across this video last week and had to share it with you all.

So Monopoly has had a facelift and has released The Godfather Monopoly. Play as iconic objects from the film such as a dead fish, a horses head or a can of Genco Olive oil.

Buy up property’s like Moe Green’s casino, Hyman Roth’s Home and the Corleone’s Long Island estate as you try to take over and lead the five families.

And if you end up losing, just beat more cash out of your opponent, that’s the Corleone way

Play as


Usher performs live at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo and on YouTube at the same time!

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Tonight Cut The Cap was lucky enough to be in the crowd for Usher’s special one-off performance at Hammersmith’s HMV Apollo Theatre as part of the American Express Unstaged Series.

Usher on stage at American Express Unstaged

Usher on stage at American Express Unstaged

The show was broadcast live to millions via YouTube from a packed Apollo and the main man did not disappoint as he opening with the massive hit OMG and followed with a host of number ones and new material from the forthcoming album, Looking 4 Myself, including Climax. (For all of you that don’t have it yet can buy it at itunes here).

Fans were able to tweet to Usher via the hashtag #AmexUNSTAGED and throughout the show Usher would (verbally) repsond to the tweets as well as having the displayed on stage. It was a performance full energy and even had the obligatory ‘Man About Town Moment’ – the top off shot. Although brief the crowd seemed to approve!

If you want to enjoy the show or relive it you can right here

E3: OnLive Announcements

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OnLive at E3 in LA

If you were lucky enough to be at a) E3 and b) OnLive’s Booth in Los Angeles, you would have seen them showcasing a broad range of new video games as well as breakthrough new features in Game Services on the next-generation LG Smart TV with Google TV (G2 Series) from LG Electronics.
Capitalising on the power of LG’s L9 dual-core processor, the service will make hundreds of top-tier video games from more than 60 publishers playable on-demand, without a console or PC.
When the service becomes available, LG G2 TV owners will also enjoy free instant access to exclusive OnLive social features such as worldwide massive spectating, the brand-new OnLive MultiView spectating capability, Brag Clip™ video recording and Facebook sharing. There will also be select 3D games, using the popular LG CINEMA 3D glasses, in the planned software update.

It’s a TV and games machine – ooo eerrr!

With just a few taps of the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller or any compatible game controller, LG G2 TV owners will be able to jump in and play OnLive’s growing library of hundreds of top-tier, console-class video games on-demand. Instant demos are available for nearly every game so players can experience up to 30 minutes of each game free before deciding what to buy, and then continue playing where the demo left off.
Can’t say fairer that than now can we, well played OnLive, well played!

Oh and they also mentioned that the following games are on the way:

· Aliens: Colonial Marines
· The Cave
· Darksiders II
· Hell Yeah!
· Hitman: Absolution
· Inversion
· London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games
· Metro: Last Light
· Ravaged
· Saints Row: The Third: Enter the Dominatrix
· Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods & Kings
· South Park: The Stick of Truth

Chris Brown Tweet war with Cher

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Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to take to twitter to spark a war. A tweet that was taken down (standard practise for a tweet war these days) was a tweet aimed at singer Cher after she went on a twitter rant slamming Mitt Romney and Barak Obama.

From the looks of the below, Chris must be a fan of Twitter.
What happened to speaking like adults? What would Biggie and Tupac have done if Twitter was around when they were at war #thatswhyIf**kedyob**chyoufatmotherf***er, #eastside # Westside.
It seems everyone is brave on twitter but wonder what would happen if all these people got into the same room.

it would be great if they had a twitter battle only using their own song titles…

Cher: Chris you are a gypsy, tramp and a theif

Chris: Well excuse me miss, you are not a beautiful people (you get the drift.
Check out the deleted tweet below:

Relentless Energy Drink have only gone a launched a new flavour… (and they’re giving it away for free!)

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So just when you thought you knew it all along came Relentless Energy Drink to literally mix-up the energy drinks market with the launch of their new Apple & Kiwi variant! Ready for the summer months, (if the sun decides to come/stay) Apple & Kiwi is the sixth flavour in the Relentless Energy Drink range, and comes packed with the same energy as you’ve come to expect that helps you give your all – providing you with the stimulation, focus and stamina that you need to succeed.

And lucky enough for Cut The Cap the good people at Relentless Energy Drink threw an awesome party at PUNK in Soho, London to put it to the test – queue one great night with DJ Nikki Beatnik providing the soundtrack, a selection of great Relentless Energy Drink based cocktails and my smooth dance moves…

Relentless Energy Drink's Party at PUNK, Soho

Relentless Party at PUNK soho

It would have been dangerous to hug DJ Nikki on the night – spikes were the order of the day…

Enjoying the moment

‘Enjoying the moment’

They even made a video to show how awesome it is:

AND there’s currently (as of June 6th) a competition to win 1 of 30 creates if you click here – good luck readers!

FIFA 13 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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EA Sports has capped a great week at E3 with the official gameplay trailer to its next FIFA football game, FIFA 13. Full details on the game are yet to be revealed but here’s what we do know as posted on the EA website:

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