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2pac lives on – as a hologram anyway

Posted in Music, Tech & Gadgets with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 16, 2012 by Eray

Check out the awesome video that has been doing the rounds online from Coachella festival.

It features a hologram of 2pac performing live alongside Snoop (who is real life)

2pac or Tupac Shakur was shot 7 times in September 1996, and after 7 days in hospital he died on Friday 13th September at 4.03pm. (Notice the use of 7 here allot?)

2pac was signed to Deathrow records and part of the East Coast West Coast violence that plagued hip hop in the mid 90’s.

Could this be the future of live concerts? We’ve already seen a Frank Sinatra show using holograms so this could be the future.
I for one would love to see this as I was unfortunate to have never seen 2pac live.

Who could be next? Elvis?


LMFAO – Shepard’s Bush Empire Beat Rock App Demo

Posted in Music, Tech & Gadgets with tags , , , , on March 24, 2012 by Eray

So a few weeks ago Cut The Cap got the chance to see LMFAO perform live in London alongside The Far East Movement at their sold out show.

The show was fantastic and cannot recommend it enough. They covered tracks from their first album ‘Party Rock’ as well as all the current big hits from ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’

Sky Blu was unable to attend due to recent back injuries, leaving Redfoo to hold the stage along with the rest of the party rock crew, and he did a good job.

Naturally I wore my Shufflin T-Shirt along with the signature LMFAO glasses (cause I’m a geek like that)

However the talk of the night was at the end when Redfoo gave us a demo of the Party Rock App that we had talked about here a few months ago.

The app allows you remix on the spot and sync the app wirelessly, making you the soul of the party without having to leave the dancefloor.

No news has surfaced as to when this app will be available, or how much, but one things for sure, we will be ready to shuffle when the app goes on release.

We even managed to record the demo for you (apologies for poor quality, but you get the jist of it)

Until we get more info, please enjoy:

New Lite IPAD

Posted in Tech & Gadgets with tags , , , on March 7, 2012 by Eray

After months of speculation, Apple have just announced the new Lite Ipad.

The new iPad will also feature a retina display with 2048 x 1536 pixels, and 264 pixels for each inch. It will include 44% greater saturation and A5x quad-core graphics.

So as I hurry to ebay to sell my Ipad 2, check out mashable’s breakdown of the new Ipad here

OnLive and the Independent Games Festival Partner Up = Free Games for ALL!

Posted in Gaming, Tech & Gadgets with tags , , , , , on March 7, 2012 by ManAboutTown

OnLive, the pioneer of on-demand cloud gaming and Gold Sponsor of the 14th Annual Independent Games Festival, is bringing the excitement of the Festival to the masses with a two-week Indie Showcase, hosted in partnership with the IGF. From March 5 to March 11, players everywhere in the US and UK can play an outstanding lineup of 16 current IGF nominees and honorable mentions free through the OnLive® Game Service – frigging AWESOME. Players can then “Like” their favorites on OnLive’s Facebook page at and they will announce which independent game received the most Likes and which was the most played on March 12, the Monday following the 2012 Independent Games Festival.

As of Monday (sorry for the delay guys!) OnLive will also be placing previously honored IGF games on sale for 75% off, with free instant demos available for all. As is typical with OnLive games, participants can play on demand on nearly any device—PCs, Mac®s, TVs with the OnLive Game System as well as tablets and smartphones – lunchtimes haven’t been the same since we’ve had our wireless controller hooked up to our Mac.

Starting today, 16 of this year’s IGF game nominees and honorable mentions are available for instant play over the OnLive Game Service at including: Atom Zombie Smasher (Blendo Games), Be Good (DigiPen Institute of Technology), Botanicula (Amanita Design), Dear Esther (The Chinese Room), Dustforce (Hitbox Team), English Country Tune (Stephen Lavelle), Frozen Synapse (Mode 7 Games), FTL (Justin Ma and Matthew Davis), Lume (State of Play Games), Nitronic Rush (DigiPen Institute of Technology), Once Upon a Spacetime (RMIT), POP (Rob Lach), SpaceChem (Zachtronics Industries), To the Moon (Freebird Games), Toren (Swordtales), and WAY (CoCo & Co.). By simply clicking the links next to each game, visitors can test-drive each game free for 30 minutes on nearly any device they own—low- or high-end PCs or Macs, TVs or mobile devices. No discs and no downloads are necessary; only a free OnLive account and an internet connection. Once gamers have identified their favorite titles, they can Like them on, sharing their preferences instantly with friends.

The Facebook page you should be going to!

To find out more about the OnLive Indie Showcase or to participate, visit To find out more about the Independent Games Festival, visit


Great Scott, Hoverboards are finally here

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I’ve just received news that Mattel have announced that the iconic hover board from Back to the Future Part II is to be finally released in the real world.

However before we all rush off to café 80’s to celebrate with a Pepsi and play video games with a young Elijah wood. The boards won’t actually hover, however Toy Fair claims that the pink boards are “movie accurate” and that it will “glide on most surfaces”.

Digital spy is reporting that the limited edition item will be available for pre-order from March, and will be shipped in time for the holiday season later this year. A price has yet to be confirmed for the boards.

There were rumours that back in the day the Hoverboards were actually real but parent groups campaigned against them as they believed they were too dangerous. (maybe they are without a funky 80’s soundtrack to skate to)

“Because this is such a high-cost item, there will be a minimum number of orders required to go into production,” Mattel said in a press release. “If we don’t receive the minimum orders, we won’t go into production and customers will not be charged. The price will be announced later this month.”

Looks like they’ve seen how successful the trainers were last year that were auctioned for charity, and want to cash in on the desperate, crazy Back the Future fans (that being me)

Watch this space for more info, or just jump in your Delorean, go forward in time by a month or so and then make your order.

Let’s hope they are affordable and are available in the UK this time.

LMFAO – Million Dollar Beats By Dre Headphones

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There’s looking like a million bucks…and then there’s wearing a million bucks

And if you’re LMFAO, your probably doing both at the same time.

LMFAO performed at this years Super Bowl alongside Madonna and sported a very special pair of Beats By Dre Headphones, valued at $1,000,000.

Not sure if you can get them at amazon, but I’m sure there will be replicas by next weekend available at your local market.

Here’s the performance from the 2012 Super Bowl:

Check out the video below about the Graff Diamond Headphones:

This is seriously cool… New NIKE+ FuelBand

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Nike the week announced the global launch of the new NIKE+ FuelBand – an innovative wristband that tracks and measures everyday movement to motivate and inspire people to be more active. Activities can now be measured through a new metric called NikeFuel: the more active you are, the more NikeFuel you earn.

Nike+ FuelBand

Behold... the Nike+ FuelBand

NIKE, Inc. President & CEO Mark Parker unveiled NIKE+ FuelBand at an event in New York attended by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, Oklahoma City scoring champion and all-star Kevin Durant and 2011 IAAF women’s 100 metres World Champion Carmelita Jeter.

“The NIKE+ FuelBand is a way for Nike to further evolve the exciting possibilities of merging the physical and digital worlds,” said Parker. “Nike has always been about inspiring athletes, and the NIKE+ FuelBand will help motivate them in a simple, fun and intuitive way.”

Designed to be worn throughout the day, the ergonomic, user-friendly NIKE+ FuelBand uses accelerometry to provide information about different activities through movement of the wrist via a LED dot matrix display. Four metrics are available: Time, Calories, Steps and NikeFuel. Unlike calorie counts, which vary based on someone’s gender and body type, NikeFuel is a normalized score that awards equal points for the same activity regardless of physical makeup.

Users set a daily goal of how active they want to be, and how much NikeFuel they want to achieve. The NIKE+ FuelBand displays a series of 20 LED lights that go from red-to-green as the user gets closer to their goal. The FuelBand syncs with the Nike+ website through a built-in USB, or wirelessly through Bluetooth to a free iPhone app, to record activity and track progress every day. The app interface also provides encouragement and motivation as goals are achieved.

Armstrong said, “What’s great about the idea of NikeFuel and the FuelBand is the way it provides real information and numbers to show how much people are doing all day, every day. That’s what will get people challenging themselves to do more and better their own scores. It’s a tool to get people more active.”

“NikeFuel means everyone can get recognition for activities they do,” said Durant. “It provides a scoreboard for your day and gets everyone moving.”

Jeter said, “You don’t have to be an elite athlete to appreciate how NikeFuel can motivate you. It’s an easy way to get credit for activities and compare how you do with others, even if you take part in different sports.

The Nike+ FuelBand will be available in the UK from the 1st May, RRP £139 (GBP).

The only thing left to say is WE WANT ONE. Fact.