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Art at Playboy Club London announces: ‘The Italian Job’

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Back in March of this year the Iconic Playboy Club London, on 14 Old Park Lane, Mayfair launched the ‘Art at Playboy’ initiative to critical acclaim. The club has since been playing host to a number of top artists & photographers spanning the decades in association with Chester’s famous Watergate Street Gallery. Over 10 internationally artists (including Philip Townsend & Ed Chapman to date) will be exhibiting and selling their finest work across the year in this intimate gallery space immersed within the hub of the club’s Players Lounge.

The Italian Job in association with the Watergate Street Gallery, launches at the Playboy Club, Mayfair, London

The Italian Job in association with the Watergate Street Gallery, launches at the Playboy Club, Mayfair, London

June 21st was a big day in Cut the Cap dairy as we were lucky enough to see not 1 but 3 extraordinary artists taking over the walls of 14 Old Park with an exhibition titled: ‘The Italian Job’. This follows Ed Chapman’s phenomenally successful ‘Then & Now’ mosaic exhibition.

The Cut The Cap chiefs

The Cut The Cap chiefs

As artists are all Italian and the club paid homage with an Italian themed menu for the duration of the exhibition, as well as Amalfi Coast inspired canapés for our private view on Thursday. Art at Playboy’ is presented alongside Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish cognac and opulent cocktails created by Italian Maestro Salvatore Calabrese will be served at this prestigious event, demonstrating the versatility of this iconic cognac.

Playboy bunnies, Julia and Farrah showcasing the fine drinks menu

Playboy bunnies, Julia and Farrah showcasing the fine drinks menu

Within this environment, Vanni Saltarelli, Angelo Bellini and Ray Sorveno will be showcasing their stunning and very different art styles – all of which is for sale – for 6 weeks from June 22nd!

Art lovers – both members and non members alike – now have an exclusive chance to see (and purchase) the art over a 6 week period for each exhibition before a new artist steps into the gallery.
Viewings for ‘The Italian Job’ commence on June 22nd for 6 weeks between 12-9p, 7 days a week. For more information email


We all know Puma makes you look good but now it makes you smell great too…

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Woah, what’s that I hear you say?! Puma do fragrances? Yep that’s right people, Puma Fragrances have been busy doing what many have tried and failed at – bottling style! Thankful they have succeed and the latest result, PUMA YELLOW & GREEN FRAGRANCES!

As summer fast approaches us (yes it’s not technically here yet) PUMA  Fragrances have proudly launched the new limited edition duo, PUMA Yellow for her and PUMA Green for him…

[Insert light bulb sound effect here] Hold up we think we’ve seen a pattern here… fast forward 10 minutes, research complete and we now have it on good authority that PUMA Yellow & PUMA Green have taken their inspiration from the beautiful country of Jamaica, capturing the energizing colours, glorious sunshine and the relaxed joyful mood of its people, and putting it in a bottle!

It’s fair to say most of us have experienced the joy of waking up to see the sun beaming from the sky, bathing the world in warmth. The sense of optimism and positive energy it creates inspires you to get up and start the day feeling your best. PUMA Yellow and PUMA Green are created to do just that: refreshing, revitalising, and with an unexpected twist, they are designed to help you kick-start your day with a splash of sunshine!

With this in mind who better to represent the fragrances than one of the most joyful and energetic athletes in the world… Usain Bolt!

When we caught up with him, and by ‘caught up’ we mean read the press release, this is what he said: “PUMA Green is great. Cool like me! “ Usain Bolt has declared “As far as PUMA Yellow is concerned, I would be attracted to any woman who’d wear it!’ It’s a wonderful fragrance! On top the colours yellow and green play a very important role in my life, as the colours of the Jamaican flag. Indeed, they are very close to my heart!  It is not only about the fragrances, both of which I love; it’s also about the way they look – wonderful! It’s all about light. PUMA Green and PUMA Yellow definitely bring joy to me!”  – Pretty glowing report if you ask us!

Ok here’s the technical stuff for those of you that have stayed with us…

PUMA Yellow for her:

Puma Yellow for Her

Puma Yellow for Her

The perfumer was inspired to create this scintillating fragrance by the idea of an early summer’s day spent in a beautiful setting, lying on the grass surrounded by wild flowers. The sunshine blinks through the trees and a gentle, fragrant breeze envelops the scene. The result is a fresh and energising fragrance which will lift your mood, enabling you to start each day with joy and energy. PUMA Yellow brings out the sun, with its sparkling, fresh and fruity top notes of bergamot and apple. The fragrance then evolves into a bright bouquet of elegant magnolia, luxurious rose, dazzling violet and luscious freesia, rounded off by sensual orris, sandalwood and cedar wood, allowing the scent to finally develop into warm and comforting base notes.


Puma Green For Him

Puma Green For Him

PUMA Green for him:

Creating PUMA Green, the perfumer imagined the experiences of a group of friends at a glistening lake, on a hot summer’s day. They bask in the warmth of the gleaming sun and then jump into the refreshing water; splashing around, enjoying each others’ company in the natural beauty of their surroundings. PUMA Green is created so you can wake up in the morning and experience the natural power of its lush green accord, surrounded by violet leaves and lily of the valley. Then let the invigorating freshness of the water splash accord drift over you, like a morning shower. Finally, the fragrance is rounded off by the comforting sensuality of Madagascan vanilla and white cedar wood.



With a full range of Eau de Toilette sizes, PUMA Yellow and PUMA Green are available to lift your mood, so you can bring on the day!

PUMA Yellow, for her…

EDT 20ml RRP £10.00/€10.95, 40ml RRP £16.00/€17.95, 60ml RRP £22.00/€24.95, 90ml RRP £30.00/€34.95

PUMA Green, for him…

EDT 25ml RRP £10.00/€10.95, 40ml RRP £16.00/€17.95, 60ml £22.00/€24.95, 90ml £30.00/€34.95

PUMA Yellow and PUMA Green will be available from 15 June 2012 for three months only


Cut The Cap does The Amazing Spiderman Premiere

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Tonight Cut the Cap was lucky enough to get their hands on tickets to the hotly anticipated film The Amazing Spiderman…

Man About Town with the obligatory backboard shot at the Amazing Spiderman Premiere

And tonights was no ordinary premiere as it was the first one to he held at Leicester Square since the reopening of the gardens – and we’re pleased to say the guys at Sony Pictures didn’t disappoint.

The whole square was transformed into a spider’s web with the Spiderman logo and hanging high above the Red Carpet – It looked great!

The Amazing Spiderman Premiere

Man About Town aka Luke from Cut The Cap on the Red Carpet

Pleasingly for us and the crowds that had gathered the entire cast turned up too!

For those of you unfamiliar with the latest reboot the awesome and very British Andrew Garfield (of Social Network fame) plays Spiderman, Emma Stone plays Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans plays The Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors. There are also parts for Dennis Leary as Captain Stacy and Martin Sheen Uncle Ben.
Be sure (as is common with all Marvel films) to look out for Stan Lee… he a School Librarian in this film…

The Amazing Spiderman Cast

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans with Director Marc Webb

I don’t think I should have been filming (the multiple security gaurds saying ‘put your phone away’ was the clue) but here’s Andrew Garfield chatting away:

And until the UK release on July 3rd here’s the trailer to wet you appetite …

Usher performs live at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo and on YouTube at the same time!

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Tonight Cut The Cap was lucky enough to be in the crowd for Usher’s special one-off performance at Hammersmith’s HMV Apollo Theatre as part of the American Express Unstaged Series.

Usher on stage at American Express Unstaged

Usher on stage at American Express Unstaged

The show was broadcast live to millions via YouTube from a packed Apollo and the main man did not disappoint as he opening with the massive hit OMG and followed with a host of number ones and new material from the forthcoming album, Looking 4 Myself, including Climax. (For all of you that don’t have it yet can buy it at itunes here).

Fans were able to tweet to Usher via the hashtag #AmexUNSTAGED and throughout the show Usher would (verbally) repsond to the tweets as well as having the displayed on stage. It was a performance full energy and even had the obligatory ‘Man About Town Moment’ – the top off shot. Although brief the crowd seemed to approve!

If you want to enjoy the show or relive it you can right here

Relentless Energy Drink have only gone a launched a new flavour… (and they’re giving it away for free!)

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So just when you thought you knew it all along came Relentless Energy Drink to literally mix-up the energy drinks market with the launch of their new Apple & Kiwi variant! Ready for the summer months, (if the sun decides to come/stay) Apple & Kiwi is the sixth flavour in the Relentless Energy Drink range, and comes packed with the same energy as you’ve come to expect that helps you give your all – providing you with the stimulation, focus and stamina that you need to succeed.

And lucky enough for Cut The Cap the good people at Relentless Energy Drink threw an awesome party at PUNK in Soho, London to put it to the test – queue one great night with DJ Nikki Beatnik providing the soundtrack, a selection of great Relentless Energy Drink based cocktails and my smooth dance moves…

Relentless Energy Drink's Party at PUNK, Soho

Relentless Party at PUNK soho

It would have been dangerous to hug DJ Nikki on the night – spikes were the order of the day…

Enjoying the moment

‘Enjoying the moment’

They even made a video to show how awesome it is:

AND there’s currently (as of June 6th) a competition to win 1 of 30 creates if you click here – good luck readers!

Playboy Club’s 1st Birthday with and Pro Green

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Last night was a busy one for Cut The Cap… not only were we bringing you the World premiere of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus but we were also at Playboy Club’s 1st Anniversary Party in London’s playground for the rich and famous, Mayfair.

ManAboutTown and Lucy Vixen at the Playboy Club London

Cut The Cap living it up at Playboy

Joining us for the night was Page 3 stunner Lucy Vixen and what an event the lucky party goers were treated to. A special performance from the man of the moment and friend of Cut The Cap, Professor Green; strip teases; more Playboy bunnies than you could shake [your] stick at oh and a VVIP by the name of!

The club was was pack and fun of energy – truly one of the highlights of the social calendar to date. But don’t take are word for it have a look at these pictures… enjoy, we did!

Chilling with

Cut The Cap is treated to champagne Playboy Style

Cut The Cap is treated to champagne Playboy Style

Man About Town, Hayley Sams and the Playboy Bunnies

Playboy Bunnies – Awesome

BarChick’s Valentine’s Day Help for Boys

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It’s back, and once again you’ve left it to the last minute to work out what you’re going to do for cupids favourite day of the year. But fear not Cut the Cap has teamed up with to save your day.

You be pleased to know that we haven’t just team up with anyone for this most important guides, is the window to the very best bars from London to New York, and increasingly everywhere in between. With unrivalled and totally independent insight, BarChick is buzzing with up-to-the-minute news on bar openings, drinks trends and what’s hot now in bar culture. And thank the man upstairs its more than just a listings site, it offers a diverse range of ‘BarChick approved’ bars, recommending venues to meet drinking needs of revellers and relaxed drinkers alike.

So where were we… Ah yes, Valentine’s day. Whether you’re loved up or playing the field, you’ve got to do something on February 14th (’em be the rules), and we’re not talking candlelit dinners or rose petals…. here’s how not to want to die inside on this cheesy day – we present the BarClick (app available here) guide to Valentine’s day…

Bar Chick

If you want to impress a hot date without coming across as clichéd and predictable you’ve got to let BarChick, the ultimate guide to London’s best bars (if not the world’s), give you a little heads up on where to go….

Garlic and Shots – London
Prove it’s really love and dose yourselves in copious amounts of garlic. Sure, people class this as much of a faux pas as rules such as “don’t eat spaghetti on a first date” but who cares, you may as well start as you mean to go on. Not for the faint hearted (… or vampires) this place is serious about its ingredient of choice, even the beer has raw garlic floating in it, nice. If your date can’t hack it then you don’t want them anyway, so get out while you’re ahead.
Dans Le Noir – London
So you / your date are not looking great, a bit pale, or perhaps you woke up with a massive spot. Not a problem, this is what Dans le Noir is all about: taste, senses, smells, touch, everything but your eyes (kinda kinky too). Dans le Noir (‘in the dark’ for those with a D in French!) immerses its customers into pitch black and you are served by blind waiters, so no fear of them clocking/stealing your hot date although they might have a little feel.
The Beefeater 24 Science of Love Molecular Masterclass – London
Top dog Tony C (the Heston of the cocktail work for those not in the know) is offering you a chance to create a love potion in his much talked about laboratory. Take an insider’s tour into the molecular mixology world and learn some tricks to making unique molecular creations from the master. Make Valentine’s recipes and twists on old classics with Beefeater 24 and afterwards sample Tony’s work in the intimate award winning 69 Colebrooke Row. This is the perfect place to go either as a couple or solo with a mate. If you want to avoid the predictable and try something different, then this is the one for you.
River Restaurant at The Savoy – London
OK so if you really crave a bit of a cliché date then at least do it in style. No one is going to do Valentine’s Day better than The Savoy really, and you’ll definitely get her in the sack. Pull out the stops then head down to the River Restaurant for their meal for 2. Eat seafood, lamb and veal, all washed down with Champagne and finished off with melting chocolate sensations and pink Champagne mousse. This isn’t the cheapest option, at £125, but you do get 4 courses and a glass of Champagne thrown in and the high quality of food won’t disappoint!


However, If you’re single, or boycotting the other sex for whatever reason then don’t feel as though you’ve got to lock the door, draw the blinds and leave the couples to it. If anything you’re probably going to have a better night. BarChick has your back: here are some alternative nights that are anti-couples for your pleasure:

Bar Kick – A Game of Two Halves – London
Speed dating with a twist: forget repeating what you do, what your interests are or how much cash you’ve got. Instead head to Bar Kick, get a free cocktail and “find your goal mate”. Get involved in their game of two halves, get given a load of ludicrously preposterous yet informative and insightful topics, play some table football, fill out the score sheet, leave the rest to them. Table football and strange questions mean whether you are on the pitch or on the bench you’ll be chatting about ridiculous things so you won’t have any awkward silences. Nice breath of fresh air from “what music are you in to?”

The Shop NW10 – London
Embrace your hate for Valentine’s Day, make a voodoo doll of ex and hit the Anti-Valentine’s Day Massacre at The Shop. They’ll have heartbreak themed cocktails; think “it’s not you it’s me”, “the restraining order” or “the sour grape”, and punk and rock-abilly music to rock and cry to. They’ll even be giving a prize to the person with the best break up story. Classic.

MeatLiquor – London
Forget the candles, the violins and the petals. What you’re after is a slab of meat, lots of cheese and a shed load of cocktails. Grab your mates, drink your sorrows away and stuff your face.

Apotheka – Manchester
Following the success of last year’s party, Apotheka are going to have an Anti-Valentine’s day event for 2012! Take a sigh of relief if you aren’t under the thumb. Think mutilated teddies lining up the bar, banging Rock ‘n Roll music and most importantly NO romance.


What ever you end up doing, enjoy…