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Nightgames – Secret Selfridges Olympic Pop-Up Bar

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Our good friends over at DesignMyNight know a thing or two when it comes to great new bars in town so we tend to listen when they speak. And speak they have – ‘Nightgames’ – London’s newest pop-up bar is coming and has really caught our eye… Question is, how do we get membership to the hottest place in town?!

OK OK enough of the prelude what is this new bar they speak of?

Well DesignMyNight have described it as a brand new, exclusive and highly secret pop-up bar, that will be opening on the 26th of July to members only – membership to this highly sought-after bar is strictly by invitation only. A glamorous assortment of golds, leathers and disco balls, Nightgames features a collection of beautiful private parlours available for members to hire, where guests are treated to access to the secret backstage, priority access to the outside terrace, an allocation of magnum bottles of champagne, spirits, lager, food, and unlimited mixers & soft drinks.


Nightgames’ main club room is a treat for the senses; decadent, luxurious and sumptuous.

Also featuring a Terrace – adorned with filligree garden furniture, illuminated mirrors, golden flamingos, and large palm trees. The entertainment at Nighthgames could be described as an immersive disco experience, ranging from a live big band to curated DJ sets. This top secret club of decadence and luxury is only open for 12 nights and is set to be the invite of the Summer.

Nightgames Terrace

Nightgames’ terrace is a beautiful rooftop experience in the heart of the West End.

Unfortunately we haven’t found out if you can smoke cigars there yet – do let us know if find out by leaving a comment below…


Relentless Energy Drink have only gone a launched a new flavour… (and they’re giving it away for free!)

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So just when you thought you knew it all along came Relentless Energy Drink to literally mix-up the energy drinks market with the launch of their new Apple & Kiwi variant! Ready for the summer months, (if the sun decides to come/stay) Apple & Kiwi is the sixth flavour in the Relentless Energy Drink range, and comes packed with the same energy as you’ve come to expect that helps you give your all – providing you with the stimulation, focus and stamina that you need to succeed.

And lucky enough for Cut The Cap the good people at Relentless Energy Drink threw an awesome party at PUNK in Soho, London to put it to the test – queue one great night with DJ Nikki Beatnik providing the soundtrack, a selection of great Relentless Energy Drink based cocktails and my smooth dance moves…

Relentless Energy Drink's Party at PUNK, Soho

Relentless Party at PUNK soho

It would have been dangerous to hug DJ Nikki on the night – spikes were the order of the day…

Enjoying the moment

‘Enjoying the moment’

They even made a video to show how awesome it is:

AND there’s currently (as of June 6th) a competition to win 1 of 30 creates if you click here – good luck readers!

The Pop Up Embassy of Havana Club

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When planning a holiday I hate having to line up outside the embassy to get the necessary visa’s. However there’s a new embassy in town which I cannot wait to visit.

Havana Club International is creating a pop-up “Mojito Embassy” that will tour selected markets, around Europe giving people the chance to learn how to make an “authentic Cuban mojito”. (I can think of a few bars that should send their barmen)

The bar will pop up in secret unconventional locations in each of the countries it tours, and will be designed to recreate the look and feel of Havana..Minus the weather (they aren’t miracle workers)

Visitors will be able to pick fresh ingredients required for the drink from stalls in the centre of the venue, before learning how to make the cocktail under the guidance of a team of bartenders.

Entry to the bar is free, but you will be charged for the drinks made and drunk. It’s only fair.

To ensure responsible drinking (everyone looks at me) consumers will be limited to three drinks each.

The Havana Club Embassy kicked off in Milan, earlier this month and will be travelling across Europe stopping in the UK, Portugal, Belgium and France.

There are also plans for the Embassy to stop in selected cities in South America and other international locations that are yet to be confirmed.

So looks like some good quality mojitos are on their way. Sign me up for citizenship..Cigars at the ready!

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey hits the UK Shelves

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Back in January I was nursing a 4 day hangover while waiting for my Virgin flight back to London from Las Vegas when I was offered a glass of a new type of Jack Daniel’s.

The fact that my body was about to go into shut down should have made me refuse, however it didn’t stop me from accepting a glass (if there’s 1 thing I love, its free alcohol)

The liquid on offer was a new type of Jack Daniels called Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

It was lighter in colour compared to the usual Jack Daniels I had been chucking down my throat for the past 4 days and came in the signature style JD bottle.

The flavouring made the drink sweeter as its a 35% ABV flavoured whiskey, which combines Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whisky with a honey liqueur.

I was intrigued to buy a bottle, however I had to catch my flight and was possibly still drunk.

When I got back I wondered if it was a dream. Had I imagined the drink because of lack of sleep (I was in Vegas!)

Today I find out I wasn’t going mad as the drink will be released in the UK from August.

Jack Daniel’s intends to attract female and young adult non-whiskey drinkers in the UK, repeating similar success for owner Brown-Forman in the US.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is designed to be drunk as a shot or over ice with a mixer. I remember at the time thinking this would go great with a cigar so watch this space for a review with a cigar.

Could this be the start of flavoured Bourbons? Who knows, who cares, let’s celebrate!

Ron de Jeremy – The Spirit of Ron Cocktail Challenge

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You’ve seen the films. You’ve tried his rum and now it’s time to show off your cocktail skills for a chance to win a massive prize.

(There are obvious puns I could drop with the word cocktail but choose not to on this occasion!)

The gang at Ron De Jeremy have announced ‘The Spirit of Ron’, which is the first Ron de Jeremy Cocktail Challenge.

Cuban born Master blender Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, who is the creater of the smooth Ron de Jeremy taste, is coming to Europe in June and we’ve been told they are offering the rare chance to meet a man who has developed the world’s finest rums for the past 50 years.

If you fancy a chance to meet the man and learn all about the rum, all you have to do is create a cocktail worthy of his name using Ron de Jeremy rum and your imagination. I would enter myself but I think my imagination may be too crazy for the competition.

Before you start raiding the kitchen for random ingredients, unfortunately its only limited to bartenders in the UK (worth getting a part time job in a barfor)
If you want to take part, here’s what you need to do:
Send a picture and recipe of your drink, along with your name, phone, email and bar you work for to the good people at:

If I had a glamorous assistant, this is where I would hand over to her…”tell them what they can win”
You could be jetting off for an Amsterdam good time (in Amsterdam) with a private dinner with the man himself Don Pancho on 3rd June

Return flights and hotel taken care of (Ron wouldn’t leave you on the street)

A chance to participate in Don Pancho’s Rum Masterclass

As if thats not enough you’ll even get your drink in Ron de Jeremy’s 2013 calendar

Here comes the serious info:
The deadline is May 22 and Don Pancho will be the judge and jury

-Open to all bartenders working in Europe
-All entrants must be over 18 years old
-All recipes and photos may be used by One
Eyed Spirits for its brand communication
-The base spirit for the cocktail must be
RON de JEREMY Reserva rum.

For more info on the competition, please email

Happy mixing and good luck. If I could enter I would.

And for those that havent seen it, check out our interview with the man himself Ron Jeremy

7 Days in Havana – Trailer

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If you are a keen reader of Cut The Cap, you’ll know that apart from Cigars there are 2 things we love, and that’s Rum & Films.

So what happens when a rum company (Havana Club) teams up with some of the greatest actors and filmmakers?

7 days in Havana happens that’s what! And today we have the trailer featuring footage from the film which is rumoured to be hitting UK cinemas in August.

The film is set during a week in the Cuban capital Havana (AKA Heaven for us) and is directed by seven international filmmakers, who directed a different segment to reflect each day.
Directors include Benicio Del Toro, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, Elia Suleiman, Gaspar Noe, Juan Carlos Tabio, nad Laurent Cantet.
With acting credits going to Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds), Emir Kusturica, and Melissa Rivera (Burlesque).

We at Cut the Cap are very excited to see this film and hope they will do a special screening somewhere where we can smoke cigars at the same time (we can dream)

Check out more info at

Check out the trailer here:

And here are some posters for the film that are doing the rounds:
Havana Club

BarChick’s Valentine’s Day Help for Boys

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It’s back, and once again you’ve left it to the last minute to work out what you’re going to do for cupids favourite day of the year. But fear not Cut the Cap has teamed up with to save your day.

You be pleased to know that we haven’t just team up with anyone for this most important guides, is the window to the very best bars from London to New York, and increasingly everywhere in between. With unrivalled and totally independent insight, BarChick is buzzing with up-to-the-minute news on bar openings, drinks trends and what’s hot now in bar culture. And thank the man upstairs its more than just a listings site, it offers a diverse range of ‘BarChick approved’ bars, recommending venues to meet drinking needs of revellers and relaxed drinkers alike.

So where were we… Ah yes, Valentine’s day. Whether you’re loved up or playing the field, you’ve got to do something on February 14th (’em be the rules), and we’re not talking candlelit dinners or rose petals…. here’s how not to want to die inside on this cheesy day – we present the BarClick (app available here) guide to Valentine’s day…

Bar Chick

If you want to impress a hot date without coming across as clichéd and predictable you’ve got to let BarChick, the ultimate guide to London’s best bars (if not the world’s), give you a little heads up on where to go….

Garlic and Shots – London
Prove it’s really love and dose yourselves in copious amounts of garlic. Sure, people class this as much of a faux pas as rules such as “don’t eat spaghetti on a first date” but who cares, you may as well start as you mean to go on. Not for the faint hearted (… or vampires) this place is serious about its ingredient of choice, even the beer has raw garlic floating in it, nice. If your date can’t hack it then you don’t want them anyway, so get out while you’re ahead.
Dans Le Noir – London
So you / your date are not looking great, a bit pale, or perhaps you woke up with a massive spot. Not a problem, this is what Dans le Noir is all about: taste, senses, smells, touch, everything but your eyes (kinda kinky too). Dans le Noir (‘in the dark’ for those with a D in French!) immerses its customers into pitch black and you are served by blind waiters, so no fear of them clocking/stealing your hot date although they might have a little feel.
The Beefeater 24 Science of Love Molecular Masterclass – London
Top dog Tony C (the Heston of the cocktail work for those not in the know) is offering you a chance to create a love potion in his much talked about laboratory. Take an insider’s tour into the molecular mixology world and learn some tricks to making unique molecular creations from the master. Make Valentine’s recipes and twists on old classics with Beefeater 24 and afterwards sample Tony’s work in the intimate award winning 69 Colebrooke Row. This is the perfect place to go either as a couple or solo with a mate. If you want to avoid the predictable and try something different, then this is the one for you.
River Restaurant at The Savoy – London
OK so if you really crave a bit of a cliché date then at least do it in style. No one is going to do Valentine’s Day better than The Savoy really, and you’ll definitely get her in the sack. Pull out the stops then head down to the River Restaurant for their meal for 2. Eat seafood, lamb and veal, all washed down with Champagne and finished off with melting chocolate sensations and pink Champagne mousse. This isn’t the cheapest option, at £125, but you do get 4 courses and a glass of Champagne thrown in and the high quality of food won’t disappoint!


However, If you’re single, or boycotting the other sex for whatever reason then don’t feel as though you’ve got to lock the door, draw the blinds and leave the couples to it. If anything you’re probably going to have a better night. BarChick has your back: here are some alternative nights that are anti-couples for your pleasure:

Bar Kick – A Game of Two Halves – London
Speed dating with a twist: forget repeating what you do, what your interests are or how much cash you’ve got. Instead head to Bar Kick, get a free cocktail and “find your goal mate”. Get involved in their game of two halves, get given a load of ludicrously preposterous yet informative and insightful topics, play some table football, fill out the score sheet, leave the rest to them. Table football and strange questions mean whether you are on the pitch or on the bench you’ll be chatting about ridiculous things so you won’t have any awkward silences. Nice breath of fresh air from “what music are you in to?”

The Shop NW10 – London
Embrace your hate for Valentine’s Day, make a voodoo doll of ex and hit the Anti-Valentine’s Day Massacre at The Shop. They’ll have heartbreak themed cocktails; think “it’s not you it’s me”, “the restraining order” or “the sour grape”, and punk and rock-abilly music to rock and cry to. They’ll even be giving a prize to the person with the best break up story. Classic.

MeatLiquor – London
Forget the candles, the violins and the petals. What you’re after is a slab of meat, lots of cheese and a shed load of cocktails. Grab your mates, drink your sorrows away and stuff your face.

Apotheka – Manchester
Following the success of last year’s party, Apotheka are going to have an Anti-Valentine’s day event for 2012! Take a sigh of relief if you aren’t under the thumb. Think mutilated teddies lining up the bar, banging Rock ‘n Roll music and most importantly NO romance.


What ever you end up doing, enjoy…