Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey hits the UK Shelves

Back in January I was nursing a 4 day hangover while waiting for my Virgin flight back to London from Las Vegas when I was offered a glass of a new type of Jack Daniel’s.

The fact that my body was about to go into shut down should have made me refuse, however it didn’t stop me from accepting a glass (if there’s 1 thing I love, its free alcohol)

The liquid on offer was a new type of Jack Daniels called Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

It was lighter in colour compared to the usual Jack Daniels I had been chucking down my throat for the past 4 days and came in the signature style JD bottle.

The flavouring made the drink sweeter as its a 35% ABV flavoured whiskey, which combines Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whisky with a honey liqueur.

I was intrigued to buy a bottle, however I had to catch my flight and was possibly still drunk.

When I got back I wondered if it was a dream. Had I imagined the drink because of lack of sleep (I was in Vegas!)

Today I find out I wasn’t going mad as the drink will be released in the UK from August.

Jack Daniel’s intends to attract female and young adult non-whiskey drinkers in the UK, repeating similar success for owner Brown-Forman in the US.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is designed to be drunk as a shot or over ice with a mixer. I remember at the time thinking this would go great with a cigar so watch this space for a review with a cigar.

Could this be the start of flavoured Bourbons? Who knows, who cares, let’s celebrate!


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