Rihanna joins the Cigar club

Turns out I may be slightly late to jump on this, but turns out Rihanna likes to chill out the same way as us.

She was snapped up lighting up on the set of J.Cole’s Can’t get enough Video Shoot.

The track also features Trey Songz, who is also a known cigar smoker.

She was taking a break from her ‘Loud’ tour in her homeland of Barbados.

With beach views like that, why wouldn’t you light up?

Rihanna if you need some cigar advice, we’ll be happy to help out. If only I had known last year when I met her, I would have said something.

Check out the pictures below: (thanks to http://thatgrapejuice.net/2011/08/hot-shots-rihanna-lights-jcole-video-set/ for the article)


One Response to “Rihanna joins the Cigar club”

  1. lots of guys are going to be really jealous that you hung out with Ri Ri!

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