Orlando Cigars

I mentioned before that I got married and for our honeymoon we stopped off at Orlando for a couple of nights to check out Universal Studios (which was amazing)

While I was there I found a cigar store called Cigarz at City Walk.

They had an extensive range and surprisingly the prices were fair, as I imagined them being overpriced being on Universal’s complex.

I went for a Macanudo, however it wasn’t the greatest choice. I found it very bitter and lacked decent flavour.

I wasn’t too bothered as our next stop was Cancun, where I would be smoking a Cuban every day. (Sometimes 2 per day)

I did try to buy some from a stall at the Mall, but after asking the sellers opinion and explaining my tastes, he went straight for the Cohibas and Montecristos (he obviously wasn’t clued up on his cigars and thought I was after a brand)

I recommend Cigarz at City Walk if you’re in Orlando. They have a good selection, and a nice bar you can chill out in and have cocktails.

I took my cigar and smoked it later that evening at Margaritaville’s outside bar overlooking Universal – a great smoking location!


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