Matt Goss Caesars Palace

Weddings can be a magical occasion, from flower arranging to food choices and from the venue to outfits. However equally important is the stag/ bachelor party.

As a result, 17 of us descended on Las Vegas for 4 nights of Drinking, Cigar smoking, gambling an occasional napping.

We had a busy 4 nights and we planned to make the most of it. Rather than go into details of what happened (which I’m technically not allowed to do) I can only talk up 1 night of the trip, and that was Friday night!

It was a Rat Pack themed night so the dress code was sharp suits, white shirt and black tie.

The night started by meeting everyone into the lobby, dressed in a simple black suit with a red Pocket square instantly made me feel like I had absorbed the spirit of Frank Sinatra.

Where to go? Where Else…Matt Goss at Casers Palace.

We had pre booked through and was told we’d be looked after, but I didn’t think it would be to this extent.

As we collected our tickets, we were greeted by the host Joel Grant, a nightlife guru. It turned out Matt Goss had specifically asked for us boys to be looked after. The only words that sprung to mind were WTF?

We were then led to a reserved area they had put aside for us, we were given a deal on the drinks which meant more bottles of booze.

As the show started, within 5 minutes Matt was giving us a nod for making the effort to dress up (instantly making us feel like something out of Goodfellas)

It didn’t even stop there. Matt stopped the show to congratulate me on my upcoming wedding. The spot light was on me and everyone applauded…again WTF?

At the end of the show, Matt actually invited me and the boys on stage to dance with him as he played his last track. It was like South London had taken over and we were all on stage arm in arm, cheering, singing, and even plucking his guitar. It was one big party and we were proud to be there.

After the show Matt did his rounds and took pictures with us, told us to be at his London gig in October at The Royal Albert Hall (which we will be), and we shook hands.

The show was amazing. It gave me a sense of pride to see someone who grew up in the same area as me (South East London) now headlining in Las Vegas every weekend.

He has a truly incredible voice and I’m proud to have been witness of it. As I was watching the show I was thinking, this guy is keeping swing alive for another generation and is so underrated.

He even mentioned Peckham in one of his songs which caused a riot of applause from us lads, like we had just won the world cup.

We were also fortunate enough to be there for his 1 year anniversary and lucky enough to meet Robin Antin, (founder of the Pussycat Dolls) who was very kind and welcoming.

If you go to Vegas I Strongly recommend Matt’s Show. He covers all the greats like “Luck Be a Lady”, “feeling Good” “superstition” and even sings his own track “lovely Las Vegas” which is now an anthem of ours that I will be playing at my wedding.

I have now made a pact with myself to go to Matt’s show everytime I’m in Vegas!

Matt – well done for Keeping swing alive, and representing South East London

And to end this article…..Matt and Robin even Tweeted about us, all I can say again is WTF?


3 Responses to “Matt Goss Caesars Palace”

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